Tournament Game Rules

TC CARD’S Tournament 2018

1) The Tournament
  • The TC Cards Tournament is an event organised by TCCardGames. The said “Tournament” starts from 2018-02-15 till 2018-02-23.
  • The scheduled commencement time for the Tournament is approximate and the Organizer reserves the right to alter the start time due to unforeseen or extenuating circumstances.
2) Conditions of Entry
  • The Tournament is open to all participants registered with the Organizer’s official partners.
  • All participants must be of age 21 and above.
  • Participants are to comply with general condition of not having more than 1 account per individual. In any situation where a participant is deemed to have more than 1 account may risk being disqualified thus nullifying any progress and winnings in the said Tournament
  • Application for entry into the said Tournament must be made as follows :
    1. Ensuring the above “Conditions of Entry” is meet.
    2. Completing an Online Registration on the Organizer’s official partners website. Obtain a secured Username and Password access to be used during the Tournament
    3. Download TC Cards Application onto Mobile (Android or IOS)
    4. Participate and login into TC Cards using the registered username and password in person during the Tournament start Date and Time.
  • The Organizer may, prior to the commencement of a particular Tournament, specify eligibility criteria which participants must comply in order to qualify for entry into that Tournament.
  • The Organizer reserves the right to refuse any applications for entry into any Tournament and the participation of any nominated substitute in any Tournament.
  • At the discretion of the Organizer, a participant in any particular Tournament may nominate a substitute with a valid reason deemed by the Organizer provided the person nominated as the substitute has not already entered any Tournaments.
    1. Where a substitute is nominated, entry into a Tournament will be transferred to the substitute and the substitute will act on behalf of the participant, commencing or continuing play in the participant’s stead.
  • Participants personal information collected during the Tournament will be only be viewed and handled by the Organizer and its official partners.
3) Tournament Format
  • The Tournament will commence for 7 days continuously with different type of games determined by the Organizers. In the duration of 7 days (Tournament), repetitive game type might occur based on the Organizers discretion.
  • Prior to the commencement of the Tournament, participants are advised to be equipped with the How-To, Rules of game and the Tournament Structure of each game type. More info provided Clause 3.4) General Game Rules
3.1) Table and Seat Allocation
  • Tables designated for use during the Tournament will be used for the Tournament only.
3.2) Wagers
  • All wagers will be made with the Tournament Chips/Credits. Tournament Chip in the possession of a participant (account) at the conclusion of a particular Tournament will remain the property of the Organizer.
  • Participants in a particular Tournament will each be allocated the same amount of Chips/Credits. A starting bank of chips/credits will be credited into each participants account prior to the Tournament.
  • A participant chip totalling to the highest amount of winnings until the Tournament is completed and the winner is determined.
3.3) Betting Limits
  • Betting limits are determined by the table/room that a participant is in
  • Be sure to check on the betting limit stated in each room before joining
3.4) General Game Rules
  • Bull Fight
    1. Please refer to this link for more info here
  • 6 Cards Poker
    1. Please refer to this link for more info here
  • 1, 3, 5
    1. Please refer to this link for more info here
  • 8 Cards Poker
    1. Please refer to this link for more info here
4) Tournament Winner and Announcement
  • The winner of each tournament is determined by the highest amount of winning from a participant. Participants are advised to place as many bets possible in hope to accumulate a higher amount of winnings which will determine the winner.
  • A live scoreboard will be made available updating the winner of each Tournament each day.
  • Upon winning the tournament, the Winner of the Tournament is advised to contact the Customer Service of the Organizers official partners/ affiliates.
  • Winner of the Tournament will undergo a process of verification i.e. Name, Contact Number, Email Address and other details the prize will be credited accordingly.
5) Prize Pool
  • Refer below guide for the prize pool for each of the Tournaments respectively.
  • Prizes offered in this Tournament are not necessary in the currency of USD, however will be converted into the same value as shown below in reference to the winner’s origin country.
6) Conduct of Play
  • The Organizer may penalize any participant who fails to comply with these Terms and Conditions or whose behaviour is assessed as being detrimental to the integrity or the proper conduct of the Tournament, including but not limited to disqualifying or forfeiting a participants winnings or partial partials whichever relevant.
  • Participants are advised to abide with below Conduct of Play :
    1. Avoid hurling profanities to any of the Organizer’s official partners associates/affiliates
    2. Maintain a harmonious gaming experience amongst other participants
    3. Avoid any sort of collusion in anyways where deemed to deceive the Tournaments verdict
  • Participants are also advised to seek help and assistance from the Organizers official partners when necessary including but not limited to below :
    1. Login Issues
    2. Game Payout Discrepancies
    3. Game and Tournament Related Issues
    4. Hardware/Device (Mobile/Tablet) Issues
    5. Software (TC Card App) Issues